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To leverage the full potential of the latest MMICs you’ll need switch drivers that are faster and can handle higher voltages. Monzite designs and builds a new line of MMIC switch drivers that are small, fast and work well with a wide range of voltages.

Our drivers are compatible with most standard MMICs and deliver military-grade performance in miniaturized forms at affordable prices. We offer three formats: QFN (Q), hermetic flat pack (C) or an open carrier substrate (S) ready for integration. Below is a partial listing our drivers. Email us at for data sheets or more information.

Standard MMICs Monzite Drivers
Substrate (S) Hermetic (C) QFN (Q)
MASW-001100-1190 spst MDI-001100-S MDI-001100-C MDI-001100-Q
MASW-010647 sp2t MDI-010647-S MDI-010647-C MDI-010647-Q
MASW-010646 sp2t MDI-010646-S MDI-010646-C MDI-010646-Q
MASW-011036 sp2t MDI-011036-S MDI-011036-C MDI-011036-Q
TGS4304 sp2t MDI-4304-S MDI-4304-C MDI-4304-Q
TGS4302 sp2t MDI-4302-S MDI-4302-C MDI-4302-Q
MASW-002100 sp2t MDI-002100-S MDI-002100-C MDI-002100-Q
TGS2354 sp2t MDI-2354-S MDI-2354-C MDI-2354-Q
RFSW2100D sp2t MDI-2100D-S MDI-2100D-C MDI-2100D-Q
MASW-003103-1364 sp3t MDI-003103-S MDI-003103-C MDI-003103-Q
MASW-003100 sp3t MDI-003100-S MDI-003100-C MDI-003100-Q
MASW-004103-1365 sp4t MDI-004103-S MDI-004103-C MDI-004103-Q