Monzite Emerges as New Breed of Contract Manufacturer

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Monzite lab 2014 web

Monzite team at work in the lab in Nashua.

Blending engineering and design expertise with meticulous manufacturing capabilities, Monzite Corporation has launched as a new breed of value-added contract manufacturer of microelectronic subcomponents and assemblies for aerospace, defense, scientific and other demanding markets.

After months of quiet development, Monzite has completed the build-out of a new manufacturing, design and testing center in Nashua, New Hampshire. The company has also completed the acquisition of Impellimax, a leader in subcomponent design and manufacturing since 1986. Now a division of Monzite, Impellimax operates from the Nashua facility and continues to build PIN Diode, GaAs, GaN and SiC drivers, linearizers, hybrids and other components.

“Monzite is a new company, but not a typical start-up,” said David Robbins, CEO of Monzite. “We are financially independent with ongoing operations that give us a firm foundation to build a new kind of contract manufacturing partner for customers who need exacting placement of fragile components for high reliability applications.”

Prior to launching Monzite, Robbins served as CEO of Micronetics from 2003 through 2012 when that company was acquired by Mercury Systems. An electrical engineer by training, Robbins helped grow Micronetics from 20 to more than 200 employees. Monzite’s Chief Financial Officer, Carl L. Lueders, is also a Micronetics alum, where he served as the lead financial and operations executive working closely with Robbins to grow the company organically and through strategic acquisition.

Diane Gallo is the General Manager at Monzite and oversees contract manufacturing services with a focus on design support and process improvement for manufacturability. A well-respected manufacturing professional, Gallo has held leadership roles at Alpha Industries and Arcom. In 2000 Gallo co-founded AD Micro-assembly and led that company until 2012.

Impellimax co-founder Phil Cassista joins the Monzite leadership team as engineering director. Cassista continues to head-up new product development for Impellimax and also oversees testing for Monzite’s contract manufacturing services.

“We have created Monzite to offer a suite of services that helps bridge the gap between design and manufacturing, between innovation and practical production,” Robbins said. “With technology evolving, and subcomponents becoming ever-smaller, I believe our depth of engineering and manufacturing experience enables us to add value to our customers’ businesses.”

Monzite works with small and large companies, helping engineers design, manufacture and test their products, from prototyping through low-volume runs and into full production. The Monzite team is expert in RF/microwave assemblies with chip & wire and surface mount components, high frequency electronics and sensors. The Impellimax division continues to develop new products, while also manufacturing a range of obsolete components for legacy systems to help customers fill critical needs.

Monzite’s new 8,600 sq. ft. office and manufacturing center in Nashua includes a 5,600 sq. ft. Class 100,000 clean room for manufacturing, design and test services. The company now employs 14 people and expects to grow in headcount and customer base in 2015. Monzite is ISO 9001:2008 and ITAR certified.