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Video Post: Monzite adds autobonder for consistent volume production

Autobonder in action! Diane Gallo and Dave Robbins discuss how the new autobonding capability at Monzite brings value to their customers, especially in support of military and aerospace electronic systems that are operational for decades. Read more

News Report: Legacy Parts and Counterfeits

Framingham, N.H. firms ink deal to deliver parts to key defense contractors BY EMILY MICUCCI 6/18/2015 The U.S. military possesses the most advanced defense technology in the world —hence the superpower status —but many of the designs of major military machines such as ships, fighter jets and submarines are decades old. These vehicles are built to last a lifetime, even a century, in the case of the Boeing B-52 Bomber Aircraft, which was rolled out in the 1950s, said Richard Nadeau, president and founder of ... Read more

Monzite Announces Collaboration for Sourcing, Reengineering and Testing Legacy Parts

Monzite and eComp Team-up to Serve Defense, Aerospace and Medical Technology Industries Nashua, NH and Framingham, MA – Monzite Corporation and eComp today announced a new agreement to collaborate on sourcing, reengineering and testing services for aerospace, defense and medical technology companies that need hard-to-find replacement electronic components for important legacy systems. While consumer electronics evolve in a matter of months, major defense, aerospace and medical systems like fighter jets, submarines or MRI scanners are built to operate for decades. Over time, it ... Read more

Case Study 2015:01 Problem Solved for Airborne Sensor System

Big Problem in a Tiny Space Need for specialized MMIC switch driver in airborne sensor sparks an idea for a new product with multiple uses. An engineer for a major aerospace contractor was working on a prototype for a new classified airborne sensor. The mechanicals were exceedingly tight and he needed a MMIC switch driver with specialized capabilities but found no off-the-shelf technology that would fit. The problem at hand was dealing with variable high output voltages from an array of MMICs. After reviewing ... Read more

Union Leader Features Monzite

New home, big dreams for Nashua electronics company By KIMBERLY HOUGHTON Union Leader Correspondent NASHUA - A microelectronics contract manufacturer is making strides in the Gate City, recently expanding into a larger and cleaner facility. Monzite Corp. is blending its engineering and design expertise with modern manufacturing capabilities, hoping to significantly increase its client base in the coming years. David Robbins, CEO of Monzite, founded the company at the end of 2013 and purchased Impellimax, a leader in subcomponent design, a few months later. Their first decision ... Read more

Monzite Emerges as New Breed of Contract Manufacturer

Blending engineering and design expertise with meticulous manufacturing capabilities, Monzite Corporation has launched as a new breed of value-added contract manufacturer of microelectronic subcomponents and assemblies for aerospace, defense, scientific and other demanding markets. After months of quiet development, Monzite has completed the build-out of a new manufacturing, design and testing center in Nashua, New Hampshire. The company has also completed the acquisition of Impellimax, a leader in subcomponent design and manufacturing since 1986. Now a division of Monzite, Impellimax operates from ... Read more
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