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Earle Stewart
Business Development Manager and Applications Engineer
HXI Millimeter Wave Products

“I consider Monzite to be an extension of our company. At one time we did the work in-house, but it was much more practical to outsource it to Monzite. I’ve worked with Diane Gallo for more than 20 years, at several prior companies, so I have complete confidence in her ability and the capabilities of the team she has at Monzite.

We’re all chip and wire. Manufacturing knowledge and experience is really hard to come by at the frequencies we work with, but Monzite has it. Also very important for us is their ability to identify our short-comings. We send them kits, but if Diane sees something that’s not quite right, she doesn’t just build it. She’ll question it and often give us good advice on how to move forward.  We do a lot of small runs, 10 pieces can be a full production run in millimeter, so getting it all right is very important.

I believe we were one of their first customers, and we’re still with them because the quality of work is quite good. It’s just cleaner, with far fewer headaches for us, working with Monzite.”


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