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Responding rapidly to customer needs, Monzite designs and builds innovative subcomponents for a range of applications. As an outsourced manufacturing partner, we help our customers design, manufacture and test their products, from prototyping through low-volume runs and into full production.

We provide design and process support services that improve manufacturability and performance. We work in mixed media environments, with hard and soft substrates. We live and breathe “chip and wire” and thrive on the demands of SWAP (size, weight and power) constraints. We can help with a single component or coordinate design and production of an integrated assembly from housing to harness. In all this, complete quality is our guiding principle.


Core Competencies
QualityManufacturing, Consigned and TurnkeyProcess and Design SupportTesting ServicesStandard Subcomponents
We manage quality through an integrated ERP system, 100% inspection and full lot traceability. We design our operations to comply with all relevant standards including ISO 9001, J std 001, Mil std 883 and IPC 610.
Manufacturing, Consigned and Turnkey
  • Microelectronics
    • Die attach (eutectic solder and epoxy), board mount, wire bond (Au & Al 1mil to 20 mil), soldering and rework
  • PCB/Harness
    • SMT, BGA and Micro BGA, (re-balling) thru-hole, flex circuits, ribbon round cable solder crimp and soldered connectors
  • Environmental Screening
    • Leak check (fine and gross), burn-in acceleration, temperature cycling, vacuum bake
  • Metal Work
    • Welding (laser and resistance seam), milling, turning, painting, marking
Process and Design Support
We apply our deep understanding of the design process to solve difficult engineering challenges. Our engineering team is particularly strong in analog drivers, signal conditioning, linearizing, and DC converters as well as RF, microwave and millimeter wave micro-strip components and subsystems. We work mechanical design of housings, plating and hermetic packaging. We provide effective design for manufacturability (DFM), statistical process controls (SPC) and documentation services.
Testing Services
We design testing platforms and methodologies. We’ll conduct tests and record proper documentation. Among the testing services we offer are:

  • Continuity
  • Flying Probe/Functional
  • Analog time based
    • RF, microwave, millimeter wave
    • Vector network measurements
    • Scalar measurements
    • Spectrum analysis
    • Noise characterization
    • High power
Standard Subcomponents

Monzite engineers are innovators developing new subcomponents. We recently launched a new class of multi-function assemblies, with multiple MMICs, transmission line, bias structures, all in a single QFN package. We’re calling them MMIQ (short for Multiple MMICs in QFN). These are standard logical building blocks that can save space and cost. It’s a new degree of flexibility to scale or enhance performance a design over time. These MMIQs are switches, attenuators, phase shifters, limiters, amplifiers all built in 12mm QFN.

Through our Impellimax division, we manufacture and sell a wide range of drivers, linearizers, switch modules and other high-performance standard subcomponents. Some of them are on Mars right now, others are checking out Saturn, most are here on Earth. See more here.


Markets Served
Defense and aerospace: RF/microwave, millimeter-wave components and IMA’s, thermal imaging, night vision, aiming and other technologies.
Industrial: fiber optic components, sensors and transducers; IR imaging, underwater vehicles and sensors, solar systems and LED lighting.
Scientific and medical: sensors, micro-bolometer and imaging.