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David Robbins
Chief Executive Officer
David is the architect of Monzite’s vision. From his start on an assembly floor during summers in high school, rising to become CEO of Micronetics, David has worked in every facet of microelectronics manufacturing. An electrical engineer by training, David merges a passion for design with real-world experience of building complex components and delivering results for customers. After working at Alpha Industries and New England Microwave, David joined Micronectics where he advanced from the engineering team to sales and senior management. He became CEO in 2005 and helped grow Micronetics to more than 200 employees.
Diane Gallo
General Manager
Diane leads Monzite’s manufacturing operations, fulfilling customer needs with a fanatical adherence to quality and on-time delivery. Leveraging her experience with chip and wire, MMIC and other complex technologies, Diane helps optimize designs and processes for manufacturability. Diane began her career as an assembler at Alpha Industries and rose steadily to become a manufacturing group leader and director of the company’s quality programs. In 1995 she helped launch Arcom and lead its manufacturing operations that grew to some 240 employees. In 2000 Diane founded AD Micro-assembly and led that company until 2012.
Carl L. Lueders
Chief Financial Officer
Carl is a finance professional who transcends sheer numbers to glean insight that helps direct strategy and operations. As chief financial officer at Micronetics for four years, Carl worked closely with David Robbins to help the company grow organically and by strategic acquisition. Prior to Micronetics, Carl held senior financial and operations positions at several scientific and technology intensive companies. Carl worked at Polaroid Corp. for 22 years, eventually serving as senior vice president for finance and operations. With insightful analysis, planning and creative thinking, Carl helps Monzite and potential partners succeed.
Phil Cassista
Engineering Director
Phil is an inventor and product design engineer who is focused on meeting customers’ needs for innovative and obsolete subcomponents. In 1986 Phil established Impellimax, which became a leader in the design and manufacturing of PIN Diode, GaAs, GaN and SiC drivers, linearizers, hybrids and other components. He led Impellimax for 27 years as both its chief product development engineer and CEO. In 2013, Phil joined forces with the Monzite founders to focus his talents on new product design and testing. He continues to lead Impellimax product development and oversees testing for Monzite CM services.