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High voltage where you need it

Built on decades of experience designing drivers for high-power RF/Microwave switches used in rugged systems, Monzite is introducing a new family of components that deliver high voltage point of load power in small reliable packages. The new products include switch drivers with integrated charge pumps that efficiently boost single +5 volt supply into +125 volt output and a group of regulated charge pump voltage multipliers that easily integrate with microwave assemblies. “Our focus is reducing the size... Read more

Semiconductor Supply Chain Issues

Difficulty sourcing obsolete parts is routine for deployed legacy platforms that have many operational years still ahead. Today, sourcing challenges are an acute problem for many new aerospace and defense systems, that are ready to build and ship, but are on hold because of extreme semiconductor lead-times. At Monzite, our engineering and manufacturing teams have helped solve obsolete problems for aerospace and defense contractors for many years. In some cases, we recreate components nearly identical to the... Read more

Northrop Grumman

We want to thank the vendor qualification team at Northrop Grumman for adding Monzite to their company’s Approved Supplier List.  We look forward to working closely with @northropgrumman engineers to help develop solutions for their microelectronic systems needs.... Read more

Multi-Chip Modules are Making a Difference

Helping customers sustain old products and innovate forward with new products. Array of Monzite Multi-Chip Modules Last year we saw emerging flexibility in requirements for RF/microwave control products used by several aerospace and defense customers. Systems that used to require chip and wire in hermetic packages could be transitioned to use plastic encapsulated modules with SMT components on substrate if the new designs met their performance needs. Two of our engineering services engagements... Read more

Monzite Products Now on Digi-Key

“Everyone in our industry knows Digi-Key. It’s like Amazon for engineers,” said Chuck Valley, vice president of sales at Monzite. “We are very excited to partner with Digi-Key and grow our product offerings on their platform.” The Monzite “store” on Digi-Key is now open, with an initial inventory of switch drivers. See:  Monzite Digi-Key store here. “We are always happy to work directly with customers and help meet their needs with an existing product or a customized solution. The... Read more

Chuck Valley Named VP of Sales at Monzite

Chuck Valley, an experienced electrical field sales engineer with decades of success in the semiconductor and microelectronic sectors, has been appointed vice president of sales at Monzite, a division of Omni-Lite Industries Inc. Monzite builds high-performance microelectronic components and subsystems for the aerospace, defense, industrial automation, medical device and other advanced sectors. In this newly created position, Valley will oversee sales of the company’s proprietary product lines and its... Read more

Supporting the Eurofighter: Electronic Warfare System

Monzite has been awarded a new contract to build high-speed switch drivers for the Eurofighter aircraft platform. The $155,000 award is for delivery of microelectronic components is used in the Eurofighter’s Electronic Warfare Self Protection System. The Monzite team is pleased to support this follow-on order for the long-standing European aerospace platform. Our engineering team continues to engage with the Eurofighter team for extending the relationship with additional projects.... Read more
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Making Connections with Hirose Electric

It started as a casual conversation at a trade show over the summer. We have been using Hirose connectors for years, and the company’s representative thought this 5G Switch Evaluation Board we built was a noteworthy mmWave Test application of their product. So, Monzite and Hirose decided to jointly present this info-graphic. Click on this image to enlarge or  download as a PDF : Note: The switch featured here is high-speed, up to 40 GHz, SP4T built in a 12mm SMT package.... Read more