Customer Voice: Tom Riha from SMAC

Tom Riha Director of Operations at SMAC “At the Electronics Manufacturing Center (SMAC-EMC) we build optical encoders for our company’s operations in California where they are integrated into our end product, electronic actuators.  For our part, we needed a supplier of chip-on-board production, with die placement, wire bonding and epoxy coating. We had a source in California, but for a number of reasons we had to seek a new supplier. We searched for a while, and found Monzite to be the company that had... Read more

Customer Voice: Earle Stewart at Millimeter Wave Products

Earle Stewart Business Development Manager and Applications Engineer HXI Millimeter Wave Products “I consider Monzite to be an extension of our company. At one time we did the work in-house, but it was much more practical to outsource it to Monzite. I’ve worked with Diane Gallo for more than 20 years, at several prior companies, so I have complete confidence in her ability and the capabilities of the team she has at Monzite. We’re all chip and wire. Manufacturing knowledge and experience is really hard... Read more