Customer Voice: Tom Riha from SMAC

Tom Riha
Director of Operations at SMAC

“At the Electronics Manufacturing Center (SMAC-EMC) we build optical encoders for our company’s operations in California where they are integrated into our end product, electronic actuators.  For our part, we needed a supplier of chip-on-board production, with die placement, wire bonding and epoxy coating. We had a source in California, but for a number of reasons we had to seek a new supplier.

We searched for a while, and found Monzite to be the company that had all the capabilities, and the quality controls in place, that we were looking for. Location was important. We wanted to go with a local company because we knew there was going to be a lot of engineering between the two companies for work like this. So proximity was a real benefit.

Over the past year we have found Diane and David to be great technologists. They are very responsive to our needs, and they have taken our product and done amazing things. They’ve come up with ways to do things better and faster—and it’s working well. We started out with mostly hand-work, now it’s all automated with better yields and consistency. Moving the work to Monzite has been a very successful transfer. We consider them not only a key supplier but technology partner.”