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When to stop looking for obsolete parts?

Managing obsolescence of electronics in military systems is a mission-critical function with dedicated teams in the U.S. Department of Defense and OEMs established to get ahead of issues and prolong the lifespan of operating platforms. Their mission, however, is getting more difficult.   Supply chain dead-ends are common, as military systems age well beyond the life expectancy of their electronics systems and inventory of obsolete parts dwindles away. Complicating matters further, the scarcity of real... Read more
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Making Connections with Hirose Electric

It started as a casual conversation at a trade show over the summer. We have been using Hirose connectors for years, and the company’s representative thought this 5G Switch Evaluation Board we built was a noteworthy mmWave Test application of their product. So, Monzite and Hirose decided to jointly present this info-graphic. Click on this image to enlarge or  download as a PDF : Note: The switch featured here is high-speed, up to 40 GHz, SP4T built in a 12mm SMT package.... Read more
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Case Study 2015:01 Problem Solved for Airborne Sensor System

Big Problem in a Tiny Space Need for specialized MMIC switch driver in airborne sensor sparks an idea for a new product with multiple uses. An engineer for a major aerospace contractor was working on a prototype for a new classified airborne sensor. The mechanicals were exceedingly tight and he needed a MMIC switch driver with specialized capabilities but found no off-the-shelf technology that would fit. The open carrier switch driver built by Monzite for an airborne sensor system The problem at hand... Read more