News Report: Legacy Parts and Counterfeits

Framingham, N.H. firms ink deal to deliver parts to key defense contractors



The U.S. military possesses the most advanced defense technology in the world —hence the superpower status —but many of the designs of major military machines such as ships, fighter jets and submarines are decades old.

These vehicles are built to last a lifetime, even a century, in the case of the Boeing B-52 Bomber Aircraft, which was rolled out in the 1950s, said Richard Nadeau, president and founder of Framingham-based eComp, distributor of electronic components, largely for the defense and aerospace industries. But though these machines are very sophisticated, it’s often difficult for the contractors that build them to find the necessary parts to repair and build new ones. That’s where a company like eComp comes in.

This week, eComp and Nashua, N.H.-based Monzite Corp. announced a multi-year collaboration that the companies say will better position them to serve the defense and aerospace industries, as well as the medical and industrial marketplace, which often require hard-to-find parts for what Nadeau called “legacy products.”

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