Union Leader Features Monzite

New home, big dreams for Nashua electronics company

Union Leader Correspondent

NASHUA – A microelectronics contract manufacturer is making strides in the Gate City, recently expanding into a larger and cleaner facility.

Monzite Corp. is blending its engineering and design expertise with modern manufacturing capabilities, hoping to significantly increase its client base in the coming years.

David Robbins, CEO of Monzite, founded the company at the end of 2013 and purchased Impellimax, a leader in subcomponent design, a few months later.

Their first decision was to relocate into a larger facility equipped to handle the company’s manufacturing needs, Robbins said.

Move for growth

Monzite left its former location on West Hollis Street and moved last April into a new manufacturing, design and testing center at 165 Ledge St.

“Monzite is a new company, but not a typical startup. We are financially independent with ongoing operations that give us a firm foundation to build a new kind of manufacturing partner for customers who need exact placement of fragile components for high reliability applications,” Robbins said.